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How The London Resilience Clinic Began.

Our Medical Director, Dr Dani Gordon founded The London Resilience Clinic after a decade of experience treating thousands of patients with integrative medicine in North America.

Early in her medical practice in Canada she specialised in the management of chronic conditions that did not respond well to pharmaceuticals. She found many patients responded to holistic treatments including nutritional medicine and mindbody medicine approaches alongside drug therapy but found these changes difficult to stick to.

She started the London Resilience Clinic in 2022 to bring evidence-based personalised holistic care and novel medicines to UK patients.

Mental Health

Pain Conditions



Our Approach.

With chronic conditions, most patients have lots of overlapping symptoms. Standard specialists only treat symptoms in ‘their area’, with a pill-per-symptom approach and rarely consider cutting edge therapeutics or cross-field research. This leads to multiple ineffective drugs and fragmented care. You are left trying and researching treatments and managing your overall treatment plan on your own, which is exhausting when you are already not well. Sadly, standard medicine simply isn’t good enough if you suffer from a chronic condition.

‘Connecting the dots’

We help connect the dots, treat overlapping symptoms and root causes together. Integrative Medicine not only makes patients feel better quicker, it helps keep you feeling better with less side effects so you can recover your wellbeing and quality of life, even if a cure for a condition is not yet possible.

Our approach is more developed in North America and is rarely seen in the UK, which lacks a post-graduate doctoral integrative medicine training speciality programme.

Standard Care vs Integrative Medicine.

Standard Care
Integrative Medicine



All receive same treatment for a diagnosis

All receive personalized treatment

Focuses on standard pharmaceuticals 

Includes holistic treatments, cannabinoid & novel medicines

Focuses on a particular disease

Focuses on improving your quality of life as well as treating your disease

Focuses on narrow blood work tests that often show as ‘normal’

Includes functional more in depth biochemistry & microbiome tests as an option

Separates mental from physical symptoms

Treats mental and physical symptoms together, using a mind-body framework

How To Get Started.

Book Initial Integrative Consultation

In this Initial 1 hour comprehensive integrative Assessment with Dr Gordon you will receive a full integrative medicine assessment and a detailed report & treatment plan. If you are interested in cannabinoid medicines and they are recommended, you will then see one of our specialists for the Initial Prescription Visit (£99). Dr Gordon will then see you at 30 day follow up after this initial prescription.
£ 349