World Leading Holistic ADHD Assessment & Treatment.

We are the only UK medical clinic specialising in the holistic diagnostic formal assessment & treatment of ADHD with our specialist ADHD psychiatrists as well as a holistic ADHD assessment and treatment plan combining both medication & non-medication options.  We treat both adults and children.


World Leaders in Holistic Assessment & Treatment of ADHD

Our team led by world-leading Integrative Medicine expert Dr Dani Gordon specialise in the diagnostic assessment and holistic treatment of ADHD.  

Most ADHD clinics diagnose and then offer ‘1-size-fits-all’ medication treatment for everyone and ignore biochemical, brain and brain-gut-immune axis factors in treatment.  Many patients feel that post-assessment, they are not offered the support they would like to improve their ADHD holistically.  The standard process is  starting a medication as the ‘only option’ and then being left on their own.

Just using stimulant medications in isolation can lead to worsening of other symptoms over time or less than perfect outcomes. 

By combining ADHD medications with personalised therapeutic diets, supplements, functional medicine, gut brain axis & microbiome assessment & treatment and in some cases, cannabinoid medicines you can get better ADHD core symptom relief as well as dramatic global increases in quality of life and improvement in:

ADHD Assessment Process

We specialise in ADHD assessment for Adults and Children.  If you have not yet had a diagnosis, this is the first step in the treatment journey.

All our ADHD assessments are done via virtual video conference & we offer same-week appointments for diagnostic assessments.

As part of the formal assessment adult ADHD process, you will complete in-depth pre-assessments for ADHD.  Then you (and your child if the patient is under 18) will have the specialist consultation with our ADHD adult or child psychiatrist, in a semi-structured interview format and also using formal ADHD assessment tools such as the DIVA alongside getting to know you or you child holistically.  


What Happens After the Assessment


Based on the assessment, you will receive a diagnosis and if you have been found to have ADHD, you will learn the  subtype of ADHD you have and treatment options will be discussed.  You will recieve a comprehensive report with the results.

We then will see you to create a holistic bespoke treatment plan including treatment options combining medications with functional medicine testing to look at the brain-gut axis and relationship to symptoms, personalised therapeutic diet and nutraceutical treatment based on your biochemistry, cannabinoid medicines & mindbody medicine including brain biofeedback. 

We can then work with your NHS GP to get your ADHD medications covered via a shared-care arrangement once you are stable if you choose to include medication in your treatment plan.

Dr Dani Gordon MD

Dr Gordon is a Canadian-British double board certified medical doctor, author and world leading authority in Integrative Medicine. She has 15+ years of experience successfully treating 1000s of patients with ADHD and similar conditions that do not respond well to ‘standard-pills-only-one-sized-fits-all-treatment’  using personalised evidence-based integrative holistic care.  Dr. Gordon leads our team of expert ADHD psychiatrist specialists to help you on your ADHD diagnosis and treatment journey. 


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What Patients Are Saying

(This is real patient feedback submitted for GMC license revalidation. Identifying details have been changed or removed to protect patient privacy.)

She was able to give me the right treatment, she is a unique specialist, before her I had only negative experiences with doctors, doctors were not competent to help me. Trust me it difficult find doctor who have right talk with Autistic/ADHD

This was one of the best appointments I've ever had. I didn't feel judged; I felt listened to, understood and believed, and I no longer felt like I had to be my own doctor and medical researcher alone. It was a massive relief, and I feel so much better and like I have a plan.

It was wonderful to be heard and understood by Dr Dani. My chronic illnesses have affected my life for over 13 years. I felt no one could help me. Now I have help, and hope that my quality of life is going to improve once I start treatment.