World-Leading Holistic ADHD Treatment

We are the only UK medical clinic specialising in holistic ADHD treatment combining medication and non medication approaches with advanced gut-brain axis, functional medicine and cannabinoid treatments for ADHD. We specialise in treating co-existing ADHD conditions including anxiety & mood, ASD, pain and fatigue.


Benefits of Holistic ADHD Treatment

Faster Symptom Relief With Personalised Holistic Care

Holistic ADHD treatment combines medication with therapeutic ADHD diets, prescribed supplements, functional medicine & microbiome testing & nervous system retraining into a holistic bespoke plan.  Medication is AN option, not the ONLY option.

We address individual biochemical difference and root causes instead of the  ‘diagnose, prescribe and & forget’ model used in most ADHD clinics.

This leads to faster symptom control and ends the confusion & frustration cycle of failed treatments.

Holistic Care to Treat Co-Existing Conditions Too

Most people with ADHD also experience other challenges such as low mood, anxiety, ASD, sleep issues, fatigue, and chronic pain yet most ADHD clinics just use the same stimulant treatments for everyone-only focusing on attentional symptoms. Our approach addresses all symptoms, leading to dramatic improvements in:

Attention & Brain Fog
Anxiety or Feeling ‘On Edge’
Feeling Tired but Wired
Chronic Pain and Fatigue
Food Intolerances & Digestive Issues
Low Mood & Depression
Mood Swings/uncontrollable emotions

World Leaders in Holistic ADHD

Our team, led by Dr. Dani Gordon, a world-leading expert in integrative medicine, brings extensive experience and North American updated approaches to treating ADHD that goes beyond just medication and generic CBT, the only options usually offered in UK clinics.

Features of Our ADHD Treatment Programs

Medication & Non-Medication Options

We offer individualized ADHD medication options along with customised holistic treatment programs based on your unique biochemistry, brain and microbiome factors. 

Medications are a crucial part of ADHD treatment for many of our patients.  We do this better that most but they are not the complete solution. Medications can be effective for attentional symptoms, but relying solely on them can lead to less effective outcomes and more side effects, especially if you have medication sensitivity.

Microbiome & Brain-Gut Axis Issues in ADHD

We use advanced functional medicine testing as well as biofeedback & autonomic nervous system retraining  to address bi-directional brain-gut-immune axis issues in ADHD.   These impacts attentional symptoms as well as other mental and physical symptoms common in ADHD and are key to functioning better.

Functional Medicine Tests for ADHD

We utilize advanced functional medicine testing including stool, urine, blood & saliva testing based on the latest protocols from North America to understand your unique biochemical makeup & guide personalized treatment plans for better, long lasting results. 

Cannabinoid Medicines

Cannabinoid medicines help regulate our endocannabinoid system & can help with both core and secondary symptoms like anxiety, sleep & mood as well as reduce side effects of stimulant medications.

About Us

Meet Dr Dani

Our team of ADHD expert doctors is led by world-leading Integrative Medicine physician Dr Dani Gordon, a Canadian-British double board certified medical doctor, author and world leading authority in Integrative Medicine.

She has 15+ years of experience successfully treating 1000s of patients with ADHD and similar conditions that do not respond well to ‘standard-pills-only-one-sized-fits-all-treatment’  using personalised evidence-based integrative holistic care.