Adult ADHD Assessment



If you are an adult who suspects you have ADHD or who have a health practitioner that suspects that you have ADHD and you have not yet been formally diagnosed, you must receive a formal ADHD assessment and report in order to get a diagnosis. After being diagnosed and if deemed appropriate, you will then be eligible to start on an ADHD medication including a stimulant medication.

  • Adult ADHD Online Assessment – £799

  • Follow up visits to initiate ADHD medication – £175 

  • No ‘hidden fees’, diagnostic report included

How It Works

As part of the formal assessment adult ADHD process, you will complete in-depth assessments for ADHD including having another person who knows you well complete a questionnaire, and ideally by someone who knew you as a child, alongside other self-assessments.  Then, during the specialist consultation with the ADHD psychiatrist, in a semi-structured interview format and also using formal ADHD assessment tools such as the DIVA for adults.   

Then, based on the assessment near the end you will know whether or not you have met the diagnostic criteria for Adult ADHD and treatment options will be discussed with you, and you and the specialist psychiatrist will choose a course of action for treatment, including medication if you choose.   After your assessment, a comprehensive report with the results of your assessments and the clinical interviews will be generated for you.

If you and the psychiatrist decide on including a medication such as a stimulant or non stimulant medication as part of your treatment plan, this will be then discussed usually at a shorter follow up visit to initiate the medication, which also includes the writing of the first prescription.  After that, we will see you back to titrate the medication alongside other integrative approaches.

Once stable on a medication (if included as part of your treatment plan), we can then create a shared care plan with your NHS GP so you can receive your medication on the NHS to reduce the ongoing costs of medication and care.

Service Components

  • Pre-assessment tools and questionnaires to fill before your visit
  • Formal assessment with specialist ADHD psychiatrist using validated rating tools to diagnose ADHD
  • Formal ADHD diagnostic detailed report
  • Choosing initial medication and receiving their first prescription (separate visit to assessment visit)
  • Medication Titration if medication is included in treatment (separate visits)
  • Developing your Holistic integrative treatment plan including non medication, mindbody and functional medicine & microbiome treatments ( separate integrative medicine visit)

Starting Holistic Adult ADHD Treatment Post Assessment

If you do not wish to try an ADHD medication or do not feel it is necessary to receive a formal ADHD Assessment and report, you can still receive holistic adhd treatment for common comorbid conditions and symptoms such as anxiety or cPTSD, mood, fatigue/brainfog & sleep disturbance.  

This plan may include non-ADHD medications, cannabinoid medicines, specialized, diet, functional medicine testing and microbiome testing, mind body medicine & nervous system retraining approaches, brain-gut-immune.

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Adult ADHD Assessment FAQs

What is the Difference between your ADHD assessments and other ADHD Clinics ?

We are the only UK medical clinic who specialise in the holistic diagnostic assessment and treatment of neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD. Other clinics only focus on core adhd symptoms and after diagnosis, offer mainly a non-holistic ‘medication only’ approach or combined with generic CBT approaches.  

Our approach is different at the diagnostic assessment phase as well as at the treatment phase.  During the assessment phase, this includes a holistic ADHD assessment and treatment plan as well as the standard ADHD diagnostic assessment and report using validated tools such as the DIVA and the semi-structured adhd psychiatrist interview.  This means that you will receive a formal diagnostic report but additionally, a treatment plan that covers other aspects of ADHD core and noncore symptoms including addressing common secondary symptoms like anxiety, brain fog, microbiome issues, food intolerances, and pain if present.  

After Diagnosis, What does Holistic Treatment Involve?

Our holistic treatment plans combines personalized drug therapy using adhd medications (if desired) with:

  • Functional medicine testing for micronutrient insufficiencies, inflammatory biomarkers, biotoxins produced by dysbiotic gut microbes, pathogenic yeast, mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Personalized therapeutic diet & nutraceuticals-based on biochemistry & functional medicine results (blood, urine & stool testing)
  • Gut Microbiome & brain-gut axis assessment
  • Mindbody medicine including brain biofeedback for adhd & related symptoms

What Qualifications Do Your Doctors Have?

All our specialists who conduct the formal ADHD diagnostic assessments are UK consultant psychiatrists with specialized expertise in ADHD in adults and children.  Our medical director, Dr. Gordon, is a double-board qualified medical doctor (UK and North America) with a specialism in integrative & cannabinoid medicine and 15 years of expertise treating neurodivergent & ADHD patients.  All of our doctors are GMC registered.