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We are the only UK medical clinic specialising in truly holistic Autism care. Our world-leading team offer comprehensive personalised ASD & associated symptom management & treatment plans which combine:


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World Leaders in Holistic ASD Care

Our team led by world-leading Integrative Medicine expert Dr Dani Gordon specialise in managing ASD & treating common symptoms with personalised, holistic evidence-based programs. 

Why Autistic People Receive Poor Care In The UK

No two people experience exactly the same difficulties, which is why personalized treatment is important, including considering novel and botanical medicines which may help with reducing overwhelm and anxiety, improve focus and sleep disruption and mental distress.

Masking is when you may feel the need to suppress aspects of your identity and present ‘neurotypical’ social behaviors in order to conform to an environment that is not neurodiverse friendly.

This can include forcing eye contact or smiling, constantly thinking of rehearsed responses to questions or scripting conversations, pushing through intense sensory discomfort and downplaying it to others, or disguising stimming behaviors.

The consequences of masking on a daily basis can be:

  • extreme stress and anxiety
  • mental and physical exhaustion
  • ASD burnout
  • A loss of self-identity
  • Depression and thoughts about self-harm

An integrative holistic approach includes addressing differences in the microbiome, the endocannabinoid system, mitochondrial function, detoxification capability, nervous system dsyregulation & gut-brain-immune axis issues to help change the brain and reduce distressing symptoms like anxiety, overwhelm, mood swings and other symptoms people who are neurodiverse commonly experience like brainfog, chronic pain and fatigue.

Our goal is to help you become more comfortable with yourself, reduce fatigue, anxiety and feel more at ease living in the world which is not always neurodiverse friendly.

Meet Dr Dani

London Resilience Medical Director


Dr Gordon is a Canadian-British double board certified medical doctor, author and world leading authority in Integrative Medicine. 

She has 15+ years of experience successfully helping 1000s of patients with neurodiversity & chronic health conditions that do not respond well to ‘standard-pills-only-one-sized-fits-all-treatment’  using personalised evidence-based integrative holistic care.

She founded the London Resilience Clinic in 2021 to bring this approach to UK patients. 

Her mission is to help you heal, understand yourself better and dramatically improve your resilience and quality of life.

New Patient Info Pack ASD Assessment & Treatment Guide

What Patients Are Saying

(This is real patient feedback submitted for GMC license revalidation. Identifying details have been changed or removed to protect patient privacy.)

This was one of the best appointments I've ever had. I didn't feel judged; I felt listened to, understood and believed, and I no longer felt like I had to be my own
doctor and medical researcher alone. It was a massive relief, and I feel so much better and like I have a plan.

She was able to give me the right treatment, she is a unique specialist, before her I had only negative experiences with doctors, doctors were not competent to help me. Trust me it difficult find doctor who have right talk with Autistic/ADHD

It was wonderful to be heard and understood by Dr Dani. My chronic illnesses have affected my life for over 13 years. I felt no one could help me. Now I have help, and hope that my quality of life is going to improve once I start treatment.

I came to Dr Dani Gordon as I believe she has years of experience as a doctor and integrative specialist I am looking for to guide me on managing my health issues. I am very happy and impressed so far and trust her.

Exceptional patient care skills; I'm a paramedic of 20 years and she can take a really good history, zero in on the important bits & tailor care, checking in on next appt to adjust methods & dosage. Her book demonstrates her expertise, & consultations are valued.

Dr. Gordon is so thorough and really followed my husband closely to make sure he got on with the treatment and had everything we needed to start. It is the best medical experience in the UK so far

Dr. Dani Gordon is extremely knowledgeable about a range of chronic illnesses. I find her to be really approachable, intuitive and supportive. It is such a huge relief to find a doctor who listens and provides practical advice and guidance, rather than pathologisation and blame. Her holistic approach is important for people with chronic illnesses, as there is no one treatment or behaviour that "cures" these conditions. She explains complex conditions, concepts and treatments in a way that is understandable for someone who isn't medically trained. Her prescribing me medical cannabis has genuinely had a huge impact on my life. It is the only treatment that is able to relieve my chronic pain. I have seen a lot of doctors both privately and on the NHS, and I feel she is the doctor that I can go to who will give me advice/offer treatments that will improve my quality of life.