Holistic AUTISM Treatment

Manage ASD Better And thrive.

We are the only UK clinic specialising in the truly holistic assessment, treatment & management of ASD and related symptoms in adults & children. Our world-leading expert psychiatrist & doctor delivered integrative treatment programs include:

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Holistic ASD Symptom Treatment

Our team of doctors led by world-leading Integrative Medicine expert Dr Dani Gordon specialise in the diagnosis, management and holistic treatment of the common difficult symptoms children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders experience including:

Personalised ASD Care

Holistic ASD & associated symptom treatment can help you cope better & dramatically improve your quality of life, relationships, reduce anxiety and mental fatigue.

No two people experience exactly the same difficulties, which is why personalized treatment is important, including considering novel cannabinoid medicines which may help with reducing overwhelm and anxiety, reduce behavioral issues, improve focus and sleep disruption and mental distress.

Masking is when autistic people may feel the need to suppress aspects of themselves and present ‘neurotypical’ social behaviors in order to conform to an environment that is not neurodiverse friendly.  

This can include forcing eye contact or smiling, constantly thinking of rehearsed responses to questions or scripting conversations, pushing through intense sensory discomfort and downplaying it to others, or disguising stimming behaviors.  In kids this often means ‘coping better’ at school and then having meltdowns/shutdowns once home.

The consequences of masking on a daily basis can be extreme stress and anxiety, mental and physical exhaustion and a loss of self-identity. Holistic care can help improve self esteem, reduce fatigue, anxiety and feel more at ease in your own skin.

ASD Assessments

If you or your child have not yet been formally assessed & diagnosed as being autistic or having ASD, you may choose to have a formal assessment.

In addition to accessing more supports in school and via NHS services for children with ASD, many people who suspect they are neurodiverse as adults have an assessment to understand themselves better or because they have recieved other mental health diagnoses in the past that may be incorrect or not the whole picture, not taking into account their neurodiversity.

To be eligible to start certain novel medicines such as cannabinoids used with success in both kids and adults with ASD to help with multiple symptoms, you must also have had a formal diagnosis.

Our ASD formal assessments are conducted by our in house consultant psychiatrists who specialise in ASD in adults and children and includes a formal diagnostic report sent to you. 

Our assessment process is connected to our holistic treatment & management program rather then ‘ending’ with a diagnosis like most ASD assessment services. 

About Dr Dani Gordon

Dr Dani Gordon MD ABOIM is a London based double board certified medical doctor and world recognised authority in Integrative and Cannabinoid Medicines.

She was trained and practiced for many years in North America before coming to the UK, has over a decade of clinical experience treating neurodiverse kids and adults, advises governments, speaks internationally and is regularly featured in the media as an expert on holistic integrative & cannabinoid medicine.

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What Patients Say​

After 11 years of doctors from four specialisms being perplexed about my conditions, I was getting precisely no-where. It wasn’t until I saw Dr Dani Gordon that I finally got some answers. Dani is like no other medical professional I have ever seen. She is not driven to solely prescribe drugs to treat symptoms – she is much more focused on investigating a root cause for the issue and on actually addressing that cause. She is also incredibly patient focused, taking individual needs and wishes into consideration. The combination of her talent in problem solving and medical investigation with a really genuine amount of care – in my opinion that is true medicine.
Carly Barton