Holistic Ehlos Danlos Treatment With EDS Specialists

We are are an EDS clinic specializing in the holistic treatment of Ehlos Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility and Neuropsychiatry conditions. Download our guide to learn more about our holistic treatment approach.

World Leading Holistic EDS Clinic - London Resilience Clinic

Our team of doctors led by world-leading Integrative Medicine expert Dr Dani Gordon specialize in the holistic treatment of Ehlos Danlos Sydromes and similar hypermobility conditions.

Although poorly understood, there are often genetic causes and are often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed for many years.

Symptoms we often see in patients include:

What Goes Wrong In EDS

While there is no cure for hEDS, a holistic approach is key to reducing pain and fatigue and brainfog that can be extremely debilitating, since hEDS does not simply make you ‘more flexible.’

Digestive issues and bladder problems can also be problematic and many people have been diagnosed with IBS but actually have hEDS causing these symptoms.

A holistic personalized treatment plan can include cannabinoid medicines to quickly improve pain, fatigue and brainfog as well as help support more restorative sleep. 

Nutritional and functional medicine focusing on the gut-brain axis to reduce digestive issues, food intolerances and associated symptoms like POTS can help heal and improve long term quality of life free from debilitating symptoms.

A functional restoration programme with an hEDS physiotherapist that is tailored to your body is also helpful for maintaining strength and reducing hypermobility that can cause more pain and biomechanical issues and novel botanical medicines can reduce pain and fatigue and increase exercise tolerance to allow you to add this to your treatment plan successfully.

Holistic EDS Treatment Programs

A personalized holistic approach includes treatments to reduce the underlying drivers of the conditions as well as pain and fatigue symptoms quickly using cannabinoid medicines. Approaches we use include:

1st Step: Initial Integrative Consultation

The first step is having an initial integrative consultation.

Dr Gordon will review your history and develop a holistic integrative medicine treatment plan that goes beyond just medication.

About Dr Dani Gordon

Dr Dani Gordon MD ABOIM is a London based double board certified medical doctor and world recognised authority in Integrative and Cannabinoid Medicine.

She has over a decade of clinical experience treating EDS, hypermobility and chronic pain conditions with a holistic approach, advises governments, speaks internationally and is regularly featured in the media as an expert on holistic medicine.

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What Patients Say​

After 11 years of doctors from four specialisms being perplexed about my conditions, I was getting precisely no-where. It wasn’t until I saw Dr Dani Gordon that I finally got some answers. Dani is like no other medical professional I have ever seen. She is not driven to solely prescribe drugs to treat symptoms – she is much more focused on investigating a root cause for the issue and on actually addressing that cause. She is also incredibly patient focused, taking individual needs and wishes into consideration. The combination of her talent in problem solving and medical investigation with a really genuine amount of care – in my opinion that is true medicine.
Carly Barton


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