world-leading holistic Fibromyalgia Treatment

We are the only UK medical clinic specialising in Integrative Holistic Fibromyalgia treatment combining personalised medication and advanced non-medication approaches.

Holistic Fibro Treatment Guide


Why Choose Our Holistic Fibromyalgia Clinic

1. Holistic Fibromyalgia Treatment Gets You Better Quicker

We combines medication with evidence-based, personalised holistic integrative medicine programs to reduce medications & drug side effects, treat root causes vs ‘spot treating’ symptoms so you can get better sooner and start living again.

2. Manage All Your Treatment in 1 place

We are experts in treating core Fibro symptoms AND addressing common co-morbid conditions including chronic fatigue, EDS, mental health and gut symptoms.  The drivers for these often overlap and share underlying mechanisms so need to be addressed together to get well. 

3. Get World Leading Experts

Our team brings extensive experience in North American approaches to treating Fibromyalgia, based on the latest research. Standard UK care approaches ignore the role of the gut-brain-immune axis, biochemical differences & nervous system regulation in Fibro.

Dr Gordon Discusses Holistic Fibromyalgia Approach

Fibromyalgia Treatment Program Features

Cannabinoid Medicine

Cannabinoid medicines help regulate our endocannabinoid system, which is dysfunctional in fibro.  They are highly effective for multiple symptoms and well tolerated unlike most other medications used for fibro.

Fibro Medication & Non-Medication Options

We offer individualised medication options for sensitive patients including novel medicines along with customised holistic treatment programs based on your unique biochemistry, brain and microbiome factors.

Microbiome & Functional Medicine Treatment

We use advanced microbiome & functional medicine testing to address specific microbiome and brain-gut-immune axis issues, inflammation pathways, mitochondrial dysfunction and micronutrient levels that all affect fibro pain, brainfog, fatigue and post exertional malaise. 

MindBody & Nervous System Retraining

We use specific mindbody, biofeedback and autonomic nervous system training techniques to address nervous system dsyregulation in fibromyalgia. 

About Us

Dr Dani Gordon MD ABIHM

Our team of Fibromyalgia expert doctors is led by world-leading Integrative Medicine physician Dr Dani Gordon, a Canadian-British double board certified medical doctor, author and world leading authority in Integrative Medicine.

She has 15+ years of experience successfully treating 1000s of patients with fibromyalgia and similar overlapping conditions that do not respond well to ‘standard-pills-only-one-sized-fits-all-treatment’  using a personalised evidence-based integrative holistic approach.

Get Holistic Fibro Treatment Guide

Get the holistic guide to treating Fibro combining novel medicines, diet, supplements, functional & microbiome testing, nervous system training & cannabinoids.